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How Harris County Department of Education Is Combating The Flu

HCDE was one of the first organizations in Houston to commit to cleaning for health. They are combating the flu head on by utilizing GenEon’s Rapid-Response System.According to Susan Brown the system has helped speed up the disinfecting process in their offices

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How To Successfully Switch Cleaning Programs

Clostridium difficile remains a huge problem for health care as nearly 500,000 Americans get a C. diff infection each year.  Becker Hospital Review has a case study with St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, Idaho switched from traditional bleach and a separate disinfectant to an

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High Point Maintenance Sales News Feature

Maintenance Sales News recently featured High Point Sanitary Solutions on their front page. Their story details High Point’s focuses that have allowed us to grow and prosper.   Employees:   “Many of our staff members are long term … We

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The Value of Clean

Cleanliness in a facility isn’t a cost, but an investment in the success of your business. The most important factor from survey takers when asked about a quick serve restaurant or retailer was cleanliness as well. The ISSA has released a

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H1N1 Outbreak in Montgomery County – Four Fatalities

Yesterday Montgomery County Health District updated their website with reports of 8 people seriously ill with four already dead.  One person has been confirmed to have  H1N1 flu.  All exhibited influenza like symptoms, so certain prevention measures can help keep

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