Wet Mopping Instructions

Reason: To remove spills, light soils and pick up trails after autoscrubbing.

Benefit: Provides clean floor surface and lengthens life of finish.

Equipment Needed:

Chemicals Needed:


1. Gather all needed supplies and safety equipment.
2. Always wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling cleaning chemicals.
3. Dust mop floor following dry cleaning procedures.
4. Position wet floor signs.
5. Fill mop bucket with Floor Cleaner solution following label directions
6. Place clean mop into cleaning solution. Wring the mop thoroughly; it should only be damp, not dripping.
7. Damp mop an area approximately 10” x 10”, using a figure 8 motion. Leave the floor as dry as possible. This will speed the drying process and allow the floor open to traffic sooner.
8. To prevent dirt from being re-deposited, change cleaning solution frequently.
9. Clean all equipment and return to storage area.