Cleaning Tips

At High Point Sanitary Solutions, we realize that process can be far more important than the products used. Improper training can lead to overuse of product or poorly cleaned facilities. We offer customized video and written training, and can help train employees on site.

Hard floor care

  • Dust mopping
    • Dust mopping of hard floors is one of the most important operations, because it can make floor finish last longer and decrease the frequency of other maintenance operations.  By using broad mops, huge square footage can be cleaned using these simple steps.
  • Guide to mop construction and materials
    • A guide to mop choices and construction
  • Wet mopping
    • Once floors become soiled, wet mopping will help remove any stains and spills.  The most common methodology is detailed in these instructions.
  • Floor stripping
    • When a scrub and recoat is no longer sufficient or the floor is simply too worn, a full floor stripping is required to completely remove finish and apply new coats.
  • Applying floor finish
    • Floor finish increases the durability of floors and when properly maintained makes them easier to clean.  The correct technique is essential to avoid the appearance of swirls or early degradation of your finish.