Dust Mopping Instructions

Dry Mopping Procedure

This procedure is done daily over all high traffic areas.  Performing this procedure regularly and correctly can decrease the frequency required for wet mopping or other cleaning procedures.

Required Equipment:

Fuller® Dust Mop 5" Frame - 18"Fuller® Workstar Dust Mop - 18", 5" Blue

Dry Mop Instructions

  1. Assemble the dust mop by slipping the mop head onto the frame, and then clamping the handle to the assembly.
  2. Remove all obstructions like furniture and rugs.
  3. Scrape any stickers or gum with putty knife or long handled scraper
  4. Push the mop as close as possible to the edge of the room and make long straight passes.  Occasionally stop the dust mop, shake out debris and then pick them back up to prevent from loading up the strands of the mop.  At the end of each pass, make a broad turn to keep all dust in front of the mop.
  5. Pick up any debris with dust pan after dust mopping.
  6. Clean the dust mop after use by first taking it outside and shaking loose dirt out of it.  If the mop is launderable do so after shaking it off.
  7. Be sure to hang the dust mop for storage, do not store directly on the floor.