Floor Stripping Instructions

Reason: To remove all floor finish when the floor can no longer be restored to an acceptable appearance.
Benefit: Removes all embedded soils, discoloration, scratches and other marks that cause the floor to look unacceptable.
Equipment Needed:

Chemicals Needed:

1. Gather all needed supplies and safety equipment.
2. Always wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling cleaning chemicals.
3. Dust mop floor using dry cleaning procedures.
4. Position wet floor signs.
5. Fill mop bucket with Floor Stripper solution following directions on the product label.
6. Fill second mop bucket with clean cool water. If using an automatic scrubber, fill the automatic scrubber with clean cool water in place of the second mop bucket.
7. Install floor stripping pads on drive block for single disc machine. If using automatic scrubber for stripping machine, install floor stripping pads on drive block for automatic scrubber.
8. Liberally apply Floor Stripper solution using a wet mop to approximately 10’ x 10’ section of the floor. Allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes before stripping. (Some floors may require longer dwell time if heavy build-up exists). Do not allow Floor Stripper solution to dry on the floor. Re-wet if necessary.
9. Strip with single disc machine and floor stripping pad. Multiple passes over the same floor area may be required to insure adequate stripping. If drying occurs re-apply stripper solution. If using automatic scrubber to strip, make the first pass with the brushes or pads down and rotating at high-pressure to strip the floor. Use the edging tool (doodlebug) to strip corners and other areas where the machine cannot reach.
10. Pick up dirty solution with a mop, wet vacuum, or a scrubber. If using automatic scrubber, pass over the flow with solution valve open, brushes or pads down, squeeg down and vacuum on, rinse the floor.
11. Rinse floor with clean water and a mop making sure to remove any trails left by the autoscrubber or any residual stripping solution on the floor. Allow floor to dry completely before removing wet floor signs.
12. Clean all equipment and return to storage area