Guide to different mops

Wet mops are used extensively in hard floor care for applying various cleaning products. There are many, many different types of wet mops available. Descriptions of some of the most common composition and construction follow.  You can shop our selection of mops here.

Wet Mop Composition


• Good durability
• Excellent absorption
• Moderate/heavy initial linting
• Best suited for damp mopping and stripping


• Excellent durability
• Highly absorbent
• Minimal linting
• Best suited for floor finish application

Blend (Cotton & Synthetic):

• Long wearing
• Highly absorbent
• Low/moderate initial linting
• Used for any application

Wet Mop Construction

Cut End:

• Refers to cut end, open end or straight
• Increases absorption
• Increases release of liquid

Looped End:

• Continuous loops of yarn
• Eliminates unraveling
• Lengthens mop life


• Increases performance
• Prevents tangling
• Provides uniform coverage