People Efficiency

People first

  • Providing your people with the proper training, equipment and chemicals can save you time and money:
  • Remember most companies spend approximately 90% of their cleaning budget on labor
  • Saving 5% of the 10% you spend on chemical forces your people to work harder, possibly with worse results

Clean Efficiently

  • To maintain a clean building on a lower budget:
  • Use the right equipment
  • Use safe, environmentally friendly products
  • Use the right chemicals mixed at the proper ratios
    • Overuse of chemicals, adds not only the cost of the additional product, but can also attract dirt.
  • Don’t settle for low quality cleaning products
    • If you purchase one chemical and then need another to counteract or enhance the first, it is costing you extra time and money.
  • Focus on cleaning efficiently
  • Consult with our CIMS Expert
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