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Can Liner Guide and Calculators

You can use any of the below calculators to help determine which size can liner you need.   Commercial can liner sizes are expressed as two numbers, for example 38” x 58”.  The first number is the size of the liner

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Green Cleaning with Envirox

High Point has been recommending a new safe and effective cleaning product to all of our customers as a potential replacement for much of their current array of cleaning products. Chase Uselman has a few points to help customers understand

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Stop Bugging Me! Bed Bug Spray

Stop Bugging Me! is a naturally derived all-purpose insecticide that is used to kill bed bugs and dust mites. This product is also effective against almost any insect with a high kill rate. A contact product which provides knockdown/kill and

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Concrete Polishing

Polished floor reflection900x425

What is that in the picture? Look closely, that is the reflection of a Tomcat Floor Scrubber on a polished concrete warehouse floor. High Point recently offered training in our warehouse and this was the result, a beautifully reflective concrete floor.

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