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The Value of Clean

Cleanliness in a facility isn’t a cost, but an investment in the success of your business. The most important factor from survey takers when asked about a quick serve restaurant or retailer was cleanliness as well. The ISSA┬áhas released a

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Stop Bugging Me! Bed Bug Spray

Stop Bugging Me! is a naturally derived all-purpose insecticide that is used to kill bed bugs and dust mites. This product is also effective against almost any insect with a high kill rate. A contact product which provides knockdown/kill and

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Concrete Polishing

Polished floor reflection900x425

What is that in the picture? Look closely, that is the reflection of a Tomcat Floor Scrubber on a polished concrete warehouse floor. High Point recently offered training in our warehouse and this was the result, a beautifully reflective concrete floor.

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Terrazzo Polishing Demo

HSS (147)

Watch Step by Step Terrazzo Polishing video on YouTube: Some tips Hone the terrazzo using lots of cold water Polish the terrazzo 10-15 seconds per square foot Polish your stone floors to eliminate the need for floor finish or wax.

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