High Point Maintenance Sales News Feature

Maintenance Sales News recently featured High Point Sanitary Solutions on their front page. Their story details High Point’s focuses that have allowed us to grow and prosper.


  • Employees:   “Many of our staff members are long term … We offer attractive commission rates and we put our employees in a position to succeed.  In return, they have been very good to us.”  – Chad Uselman
  • Service: “The Uselmans tout the company’s ability to educate customers as one of the most significant ways the company sets itself apart from competitors.”
  • Education: “When High Point professionals visit a customer to consult, concerning a problem, they often find  the customers don’t always understand what the root of a problem is and what the solution might entail.”

Read the full article here: http://issuu.com/maintenancesalesnews/docs/1114msn4web

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