How To Successfully Switch Cleaning Programs

Clostridium difficile remains a huge problem for health care as nearly 500,000 Americans get a C. diff infection each year.  Becker Hospital Review has a case study with St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, Idaho switched from traditional bleach and a separate disinfectant to an all in one product.


One of the main goals in a switch like this is to use a disinfectant that will be simultaneously more effective and easier on finishes.  By eliminating bleach St. Lukes was able to eliminate worker’s comp claims and decrease patient room turnover time.  Many challenges exist when making changes like this, and success was only won with the following:

  • Support from leadership – “It’s about the message and who it comes from.”
  • Involving multiple departments – This kind of change will affect many different teams, and it is vital to get buy in from everyone affected.
  • Having the right evidence to support change – Understand the data and the kill claims of the product you are switching to.  You will need to know the kill claims and times for the new chemical.
  • Understand the challenges and strengths of your chemical – Lower or higher cost per use, does the new product have a different odor and what are the health risks with the new chemical?

Changes in both product and process can make dramatic changes to the fight against C. diff and other infectious diseases.  You can read the full article from Becker Hospital Review here.

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