We Teach Clean

Let our experts train yours.

CIMSexpertonstaffOur motto is “We Teach Clean”.  High Point Sanitary Solutions staff is highly skilled at solving cleaning problems.  High Point salespeople are not just box movers but true cleaning professionals.  Expert training provides your people with the skills to increase efficiency and improve the appearance of your facilities.

Cleaning Tips ?

From how to use industrial equipment to removing stains from carpet and upholstery, High Point can teach you how to best use your cleaning products.
The training classes being offered include:

Latest Industry News ?

Learn about the latest regulatory changes and product developments.
  • Hardfloor Care
  • Restroom Care
  • Carpet Care
  • Food services Sanitation
  • Blood born Pathogens Compliance
  • Hazcom Training
  • CIMS Certification
  • Laundry Training
  • Stone Care
  • Greening your cleaning program
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