Green Cleaning with Envirox

High Point has been recommending a new safe and effective cleaning product to all of our customers as a potential replacement for much of their current array of cleaning products. Chase Uselman has a few points to help customers understand

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Scott Uselman and Stopping Dirt at the Door

Scott Uselman, Manager and Head of Sales here at High Point was recently featured in Sanitary Maintenance for his habit of dramatically demonstrating the cost of removing dirt from your facility: Stop Dirt At The Door With Exterior Floor Mats Whenever

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Stop Bugging Me! Bed Bug Spray

Stop Bugging Me! is a naturally derived all-purpose insecticide that is used to kill bed bugs and dust mites. This product is also effective against almost any insect with a high kill rate. A contact product which provides knockdown/kill and

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MERS Virus

MERS Infected Tissue

The CDC has been carefully monitoring the outbreak of MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.  MERS is a novel coronavirus, or in other words a new virus that is unrelated to existing strains found in people.  Of the people infected

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Globally Harmonized System


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are being replaced by SDS (Safety Data Sheets) that are an internationalized standard.  All employers will need to train their employees on the new system, which is summarized below.  OSHA has an extremely in depth

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